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About us

We are a bunch of car enthusiasts who love our hot-wheels to the moon and back. Our vast experience in handling cars made us realize one thing – that we need to take care of our cars to maintain their looks and performance.

While we had no issue with the performance part, courtesy the top quality technology and equipment available today, we had to struggle quite a bit in maintaining the aesthetics of our machines; especially the car upholstery. Be it leather or fabric, the upholstery would always lose their luster within a few months of usage. Of course, we tried various options like upholstery cleaning services and seat covers. However, they didn’t actually come across as sustainable solutions to our problem because of the high cost of the former and the poor quality of the later.

This is when our idea bulb lit and CarCube came into existence. Today, we are proud to say that we are the makers of one of the best quality car seat protectors, which we are able to sell at the most competitive prices. CarCube is a product of extensive R&D and has been tested substantially for endurance. We have also ensured to use only non-toxic materials because we want to provide complete protection to not only your car but also your family, especially your children and fur-babies. 

So go ahead and drape your car seats with CarCube. You can thank us later!